Wednesday, October 9, 2013

So Who Am I??

Well, first of all...Thank you so much for stopping by my lil' page.  I am a mama of a kindergarten boy who loves sports and is uber active!  He keeps me and my husband on our toes...I love all things girlie: heels, lipstick, perfume, yummy smelling body washes, pumpkins, fall, anything pink, and lots of chocolate~seriously it is probably my favorite food group! I have also been a kindergarten teacher for 9 years and a special education teacher for 2 years!  I love teaching and being an educator is a great career!

So you're probably asking yourself...Why should I follow or read this blog?  Well, I have no real reason...but I can tell you that I am going to use this blog as my "outlet".  Just like all of you I have real problems and my life is not perfect...BUT it is my life...I have always lived to please others and I have now pledge to myself and my family to do  things that truly make ME happy and care less about what others think!  

So to start off...we are building a new house! I didn't mention this is our 4th house to build in 10 years!  This house will be our forever house! I'm so excited about this.  I will blog about the building progress.... and then the decorating progress.  We own the construction company and so getting the house "finished and decorated" will be in the small details once we move in that make it a "home"!
Here is where we are now...
 Please excuse the trash out front!
Decorating is my biggest hobby!  So you can only imagine how much fun my pinterest boards are!
While I love decorating, I really dislike paying full price...for anything! But especially on home decor because I know that I'll change it out and then I'll feel guilty!  So therefore, I thrift! I LOVE thrifting...I get such a rush when I find a good deal!
Here is what I found this past weekend...
A mirror for our Powder Bath at the "New" House...
I also am really digging the white dishes everyone is using for decorating...
I hope you find time on your blog reading to keep in touch!

Lots of Love...Brandy

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