Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Squash...and Mario?

This weekend was very productive and for the first time this season a little on the cool side! Hallelujah! We had football pictures for the lil' man and I am just astonished at how easily the photographers can take the photos of all those lil' football players and maintain their sanity!  Cra-zay!  I was stressed just watching the picture sessions...

Let's Talk Pasta
I LOVE obsessed with it!  I think it is probably my favorite food and I definitely consider it to be its own food group!
But I also am really into working out and eating healthy...which kind of puts a limit on how much pasta I can eat! Boo...
This weekend though I made my favorite alternative to pasta!

Spaghetti Squash...
 If you have not tried it...go.GET.IT.NOW!  Seriously...stop reading this and RUN to the store! 

Here is how you cook it to make it have the consistency of pasta...
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
  • Cut the spaghetti squash in half on the long side...not the "equator" side (does that make sense...if not look at my pictures)
  • Pour a little olive oil onto the flesh side of the spaghetti squash and sprinkle with a little salt
  • Put the squash on a cookie sheet with the flesh side down
  • Cook for 45 minutes
  • Then take out and use a fork to separate the flesh into "pasta"
TaDa! It's that easy! A healthy, yummy alternative!

Ok...So let's get frugal!  I LOVE Halloween! It is so fun to decorate and you get to eat lots and LOTS of candy!  But this year I don't get to decorate because remember that little issue of having my house under construction...yeah well that makes it a little hard to decorate and enjoy the season! Boo...again!  BUT never fear we are definitely dressing up! Yay!
Waaaayyyy back in August I bought my lil' man a M. Mouse costume at FULL price! Seriously thought this might be the last Halloween that I might be able to persuade him to dress in what I wanted.  What I didn't know was that (even though he agreed on this costume back in August before school started) his kindergarten friends would begin talking about superheroes and video game costumes! Ugh!  So one day while he and I were enjoying a little thrift shopping we ran into a Mario costume ($6.99)! know where this is going! The costume was just the "suit" part of it! Yay...I thought! Nope...he is convinced this is THE costume! So the hunt was on for a Mario hat...hubs and I went online and ordered the hat...but the confirmation said it would arrive shortly on November 11th!  WHAT??? Did they not realized this was for Halloween!  So we went searching in Halloween stores and found extremely large and expensive hats! Nope, that wasn't going to work either!  
Look out Hobby Lobby (this just might be my favorite place)...we made that darn hat for a grand total of $4.00! Yippee!  Guess what the best part is? It is a REAL hat that he can wear this summer! Yay!
Here is a picture of how I did it...super easy! Hat, fabric glue and felt did the trick!
House Progress...oh How I wish I could Digress...
When I first pulled up to the construction site...excitement hit me! We are like 4 or 5 short weeks away from our "forever" home....I was over joyed to see the guys digging the pool...and then we heard one of them yell for the boss (the hubs)!  Guess what? They found a PIPE! A BIG DARN PIPE! What in the heck?  We had gotten clearance to dig and had done all the right paperwork...I mean we had a CONFIRMATION number!  How could there be a big ol' pipe???Well...turns out this neighborhood is sitting on a farm that used to be here on the lake and it is an old well pipe! So two days later the guys cut that baby! We are back on schedule!

I would love to hear what costumes you are making/buying for your lil' ones!

Lots of Love!

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